NHL 13 Ultimate Team Help, Player, and Currency Generator - XBOX ONLY

About Us

We help you with all your NHL 13 UT problems! We have hosted this on yola because it is free to use and it is simple, if you do not trust us then please, move on. We are 100% legit and guarantee to give you players. This is for Xbox only as none of our group has a PS3, sorry for the inconvenience. Please fill in every box in the contact form below. 


You name it and we can provide it. Players? Pucks? We have it all! All we need is your Email, Password, and security code and we can give you anything you want! Free of charge!

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User Comments

"Somebody hacked into my account and stole all my players.  When i asked NHL UT help they restored all my players and gave me 100,000 pucks! It was great!" --Zach Gotsch

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